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Our key technology and unique ingredient – found in all  B. Kamins products.

What is it?

A complex physiological humectant which contains mono and polysaccharides, amino peptides, vegetable hormones, anti-oxidant and anti-aging phenolic compounds and minerals.

Where does it come from?  

Purified sap from Canadian Acer Saccharum Maple Trees.

What does it do? 

  • Physiologically counters the process of moisture loss due to the stratum corneum (protective barrier of the skin) being damaged from both environmental and chronological aging.  It rehydrates skin by (1) absorbing and storing moisture from the environment (hygroscopic action), and (2) lifting water from the inner layers of the epidermis to the top layers (osmotic action).
  • Pure AHAs (exfoliating) and anti-oxidants (anti-aging) are infused into the stratum corneum to help speed up the rate at which old, tired skin cells are shed and thus combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects the skin due to its natural pH being similar to that of skin itself.  By maintaining the skin’s natural pH, it safeguards against germs (micro organisms) which constantly fight to invade and cause skin blemishes and irritations.

What are the benefits? 

  • Increases hydration and skin plumpness.
  • Increases smoothness and elasticity.
  • Increases suppleness, softness and resiliency.
  • Increases turnover of new cells and enhanced luminosity.
  • Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Small molecular size allows for excellent penetration into the epidermis to maximize results.


  • Time-released capsules of the purest Vitamin E.
  • Unique delivery system – heat sensitive; activated when applied to the skin.
  • Antioxidant and moisturizing.
  • Helpful for age prevention.


  • Small, skin-plumping molecules found in the skin that aid in filling in fine lines.
  • Addresses the loss of collagen fibres.
  • Formulated from vegetable ceramides (lipids) with the smallest molecular dimensions to help fill and plump up intercellular spaces in the skin.
  • Helpful for age prevention - results in younger-looking, more resilient complexion.