Our story

Before We Were a Brand…

Products were first formulated for family members over 40 years ago. Each product has a story behind it.

Two specific events led to the creation of one of our first products, the Menopause Skin Cream:

  • An ice fishing trip in the harsh, cold Canadian winter that led to the discovery that the life-sustaining sap from maple trees is an excellent ingredient for skin care.
  • Mrs. Kaminsky entering menopause and finding no cosmetic or dermatologic product to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation on the skin.

How Did We Become a Brand?

During a visit home from New York City in the mid-90’s, Howard Kaminsky, an attorney and Ben’s son, decided that the multitude of products his father had created for his family members were unique in the marketplace.  Together, Howard and Ben created the brand and began marketing the products to the ever-expanding Spa market.