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  • B. Kamins

    Nia-Stem Moisturizer Kx

    Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing. Revitalize the appearance of sun damaged skin. Reduce the appearance of age/dark spots and restores healthier, younger looking skin.
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  • B. Kamins

    Nia-Stem Kx Starter Kit

    This kit helps to brighten and even skin tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in hydrated, supple skin

    Healthy, vibrant skin
    Brightening At-home Routine

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  • B. Kamins

    Maple Butter Body Wrap

    A super-rich and hydrating body wrap to nourish dry, parched skin.
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  • Corrective Primer

    Corrective Primer

    Reduces the appearance of pores over time, for flawless-looking skin.

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