Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

This powerful and luxurious anti-aging, anti-oxidant add-on hand treatment is designed to brighten, firm, smooth and hydrate tired hands. Hands are massaged with a vitaminized massage gel infused with Vitamin E and sweet almond oil to nourish the skin, then exfoliated with B. Kamins, Chemist glycolic gel to revive dull, tired-looking hands. Our skin brightening masque will reduce the appearance of sun spots and even out skin tone, while a plumping and firming serum works to reduce the signs of aging. To complete the pampering, the hands are massaged with our therapeutic anti-aging hand treatment to leave softer, smoother, younger looking hands.

Hand Care Kx

Energizing Solefull Foot Remedy

Designed for men and women alike, this rejuvenating foot treatment leaves feet feeling relaxed and de-stressed. Feet are first soaked in footbath, and then gently exfoliated to smooth dry, rough skin and re-energize fatigued feet. A diatomaceous earth foot masque, rich in vitamins, minerals and moisture-attracting elements, helps to protect and condition tired feet, while anti-inflammatory ingredients help to soothe and cool them. The treatment is completed with the application of a cellular exfoliating cream, which is massaged into the feet for ultimate relaxation.

Pure Sugar and Paraffin Hand Treatment

This luxurious treatment, designed to rejuvenate tired hands and prepare nails for polish, uses sweet almond oil and a maple sugar hand scrub to smooth, soften and renew rough, dry skin. A honey, soy and shea butter-based nourishing lotion is massaged onto hands for ultimate relaxation and hydration. Hands are then dipped and wrapped in B. Kamins maple-infused paraffin to lock-in moisture and leave skin silky smooth and revitalized.

Hand Care Kx
Maple Sugar Body Scrub
Maple Body Lotion
Sun Defense SPF 30 (formerly sold as Sunbar SPF30)