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Why Partner with B. Kamins?

The answer is very simple:  we can offer you the best of both worlds! Visible Results. 

With the advent of more aggressive cosmetic procedures, consumers’ expectations have risen and they expect more from their spa visit.  Using the most advanced in pharmaceutical ingredients, B. Kamins guarantees visible results without the discomfort and irritation of more invasive measures. 

Luxurious spa experiences.  As a modern spa line, we have created a new benchmark in effective, pampering spa treatments.

We offer a comprehensive product range for both women and men focusing on a range of skin conditions including sensitive, aging, menopause, reddened, acne, eczema, problematic, extra dry, and every day skin types.

We offer appealing margins and cost per treatments help ensure your profitability.

Our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities with in-house Chemists, Regulatory and Quality Control departments ensures the quality and efficacy of our clinical skincare.

As each spa has different needs, our in-house marketing and graphics team will personalize your marketing initiatives and point of purchase materials to help you achieve your goals.  We also have the ability to provide you with signature spa treatments and products, as well as unique co-branding opportunities.

Our in-house PR team maintains close relations with all of the top beauty editors to ensure maximum placement.  This buzz enhances the brand notoriety and truly sets B. Kamins, Chemist apart as an industry favorite.

Our unbeatable service, training, education and support will ensure that your business needs are always met by our caring team of professionals.

We not only welcome the opportunity to partner with you, we are eager for your business.

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